March Madness

What’s New:

  • My Python Project is successfully scrapping the Philadelphia Prisons daily census and I got it pushing to firebase
  • Featured on the front page of Philly
  • Rebranded my hair extension import business to 215Hair from Cuteti
  • Purchased a Glock 19 Gen1 Tupperware Case!
  • First run of 2016 was supposed to be a few miles but the weather as nice so I did 13.1 (Half Marathon)
  • I went ice fishing for the first time

Whats Cooking:

  • Building the import business with my partner and KAPsi Line Brother (Cash Flow Cowboys / Money Making Nupes)
  • I got a small team of 3 including myself who is committed to doing a ketogenic diet with me for 3 months
  • MelaninSupply will remain my art project with no real fiscal goals if people order it will be dope
  • Purging everything from my house that isn’t used
  • Building my Stanley Griggs II personal brand


GOT ALL PHILADELPHIA DAILY CENSUS PRISON DATA HITTING MY DATABASE!!! Project JailJawn. 2,687 Souls at "The F" Seems only 1 is in Open Ward aka Psych Ward. Still much backend work to do before I can build a website for the public and we'll see if the wardens are properly recording their numbers.

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It was a honor being featured on the front page of @technical_ly with my story on how I career pivoted into software development. Article Link: Make your dreams happen, get out your comfort zone, harass if your must, send letters or FedEx instead of emails. I'm all for helping anyone get going with learning the basics to programming after I deem your not a BS'er - just hit me up. @codeorg @pocintech @codeacademy @github @google

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It was a pleasure working with @temidesigns on the first iteration of @215hair logo. Will be contracting more to them - work on the business not in it! Due to awesome networking at @recphilly underground arts at the last session. There is one this week come look at art, chill, network.

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@ladieslearnlockload lol someone did shoot the rail in lane 7 you can see it happen in my video. #glock #glock19

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First run of 2016 #nike #nikeplus #running #philadelphia #shotoniphone #shotoniphone6splus #nupe #nupesrunthecity

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Middle of the lake! Aug'in #icefishing #fishing

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Cream Of The Crop

Since my last post I’ve spent quite sometime alone and got some viable reflection and direction time. I’m shock I hadn’t done it sooner.

Prior to the New Year I sent out a survey to some of my friends to help guide me in this year. I don’t do resolutions I set goals and make corrections.

###Suggested Books to read - The Bible - How to Win Friends and Influence People - The Four Agreements (2x) - The Alchemist (2x) - Take a Lesson by Caroline Clarke - Zero to One by Peter Thiel

###Suggested Experinces - Have some kids! (HELL NO) - Travel - Bungee Jump - Sky Dive

###Suggested Challenge (Quiantifable) - Bench 250 (Benching 195lbx5x5 at time of writing) - Face to face keeping in contact - Physical workout - Introduce yourself to one new female a month (lol) - Build on old relationships with family and friends- the ones that you rarely see or speak to but still have love for. Try to call (LEAVE A MESSAGE if you can) or hang out with someone different once a month. - Get better in rugby….. WATER BOY! - try to be a random in a movie

###What I need to work on - Socializing More - Don’t use the B word in any context… that’s rude. I think you are doing well. You get freaked out with emotions and close up, so maybe work on verbal expression and being comfortable with emotions. - I think you shouldn’t get loss on your fraternity brothers, I’m your dean, I saw your potential since 2010, glad to call you my brother. - CODE! JAVA! CODE! - Dog be more consistent in every area of your life. Family , working out, career, personal goals. Just be more consistent bro and stop being cheap haha - Being more Assertive.


#Happy New Year 2015!#

I’ve been playing around with this Jekyll & Poole blog via Github pages and never fully pushed anything live. Forget waiting for the right moment and waiting for the “perfect time” I will get this thing online and sort it out ASAP. There are more convenient solutions for blogging such as medium and Wordpress but I will stick with this solution as it will force me to use Terminal, Git, Github, Markdown, and manually install/make my own customization.

In this over complication I will learn a lot which will help me be better and more in-tuned in general to what I am trying to do.

##2014 Things:## 1. CONSISTENCY is the key to anything you want. DON’T GIVE UP! 2. Keep Learning from all failures and mistakes. 3. When completely shattered, the ones closest will be there to put you back together (they will only know if you let them know). 4. Stay Awesome, Epic, Cool, & High Energy! 5. Forgive but never Forget a single detail. 6. Stay above the noise! 7. I am eccentric and I am not sorry about that.

I don’t do the resolutions anymore. The plan is simple to continue to go hard on programming, go hard with the weights, go hard on creating experiences.

As far as money…..Pay Bills, Pay my way out of student loan Alcatraz, Get What a need, and a little of what I want.

#2015 gif…..Batman is 2015

Learning To Fly While Failling

This is an imported blog post from my failed blog on the Ghost platform.


This month has been different and many life changing events while ‘Falling’.

I’ve had a lot happen and I will do a formal update post this weekend but I will focus on the most active thing going on right now.

A few weeks ago an attending a NET/WORK event which was a different type of job fair. I talked to a lot of companies out of unemployment desperation not really caring what needed to be done just to get back into the workforce and feel like a contributing citizen again.

I randomly ran into Catherine at the free HubBub Coffee booth that was at the event. seeing her shirt say DMG CTRL Ltd. I simply asked what company is that as I knew CTRL was short for Control but not knowing the meaning of DMG. We chatted about a few things and I did my elevator life story; getting to the part about saving money to try and attend DevBootCamp as I see my current prospects as a dead end.

##ME Getting Coffee##

After playing email tag I finally got to come into their awesome open office and meet everyone, including one of the co-founders who is awesome. I as don’t have a job I ended up staying the entire day talking with staff on where to start which landed me in a, “Learning to Program” Course on Coursa which is teaching me Java.

I couldn’t make it back the following week as our city was HAMMERED by a snow storm and the office didn’t open and everyone worked from home. I then went on my first international Trip to Trinidad & Tobago (I’ll blog about that in a different post) for two weeks. Worrying to death because I got no correspondence back from Catharine. Finally, when I was Johnnie Walkered out of my mind in Trinidad I got an email with my Intern (Stand on the Porch, fight club reference) Papers. You know all the legal stuff, etc.

##This Week#

In this first week:

  1. I started learning Java
  2. Getting comfortable with Terminal (FAST using Oh-My-Zsh)
  3. Using the hell out of Git and GitHub as I do my training lessons
  4. Mastering the git commands
  5. Starting to use Branches
  6. Have all my Java and Android IDE’s installed got hello world
  7. Had an awesome game night with the staff
  8. Turned down a lot of awesome food and beer as it does’t fit my Keto Macros

I am very fortunate to be able to do this the most powerful weapon here is that I can ask questions when stuck to keep trucking or as Jason would say ratcheting forward getting tighter and tighter. Currently, this is not a paid position and well the knowledge I am gaining is priceless. That an I am a cheap bastard so I have months of survival money stowed away.

On the side I plan to launch a passive T-Shirt and Shampoo niche sites (Separate Business) have my sitter run them as I work. Hopefully they turn out to be home runs that require none of my time like the last business I start. As I already stated this place is my #1 priority right now.

###Things to Comsume### - Coursa - Intro to Programming - BOOK - Pro Git - Coursera - Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems Playing Catch Up - Learn Code The Hard Way - The Command Line Crash Course - TeamTreeHouse - Andriod Track

####How I feel####

Hello world Again

#Hello World….. Again# This is an imported blog post from my failed blog on the Ghost platform.

I decided to move my blog to the ghost platform now I have to figure out how to get my old wordpress post on here. I have the XML file but need to read further on getting the old stuff on here.

Glad to have a burst of motivation after being in a rut. This means back to banging on and out projects. Back on the Keto wagon again. Loging things in my Lift App.

This weeks brew:

  • Meeting and hanging with a cool development firm DmgCtrl that I’ve met at the Philly NET/WORK job fair start-up networking event.

  • Getting back on my blogging saddle.

  • Working on my niche clothing site leveraging theprintful’s service. Get to get my hands dirty in web marketing (or according to hackernews if I lived in San Fran it would be growth hacking)

  • Pitching my idea to chaning the OBDII experience.

  • Chugging along on my clients website.

Just tried to drag an drop my ending gif - guess ghost doesn’t do that yet. BLEEDING EDGE. Let me host this image somewhere and drop it below.

Went to imgur to upload the gif wasted 15 mintues looking at the trending pictures.